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             ​At the Promenade Mall located
             between Kohl's and Pet Smart
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  • Benefits of Gymnastics...
  • Fitness - Can be taught early in life and create life long fitness habits.
  • Mental focus - learning to concentrate.
  • Balance - walking on beams - transfers to riding bikes, horse and more.
  • Social Skills - taking turns, sharing, making friends.
  • Flexibility - improve range of motion.
  • Coordination - hand eye improves writing ability, while eye tracking improves reading rediness.
  • Keeps them active!...Keeps them fit!
  • IT'S FUN!!
"To instill courage or life into"
Benefits of Gymnastics...
Our Rules and Policies...
  • In all Parent/Adult participation classes it is required that Parent/Adults be dressed to participate (cotton shorts, t-shirts, tennis shoes or no shoes).

  • All participants with long hair must have it pulled back in a low pony tail with no hard clips attached, cotton shorts, t-shirts, no jeans, no dangling jewelry, no belts, or rings.

  • The following will not be tolerated by adults or participants:  cursing, swearing, inappropriate attire (overly revealing), disregard for Inspirit, city, patrons, members, or school property.

  • Please be on time for class start or even 5 minutes early, and please pick up all children on time.  We do understand that traffic can be a challenge, please give us a courtesy call if there is a delay (520-510-5206).

  • Every child develops at their pace.  If you have any questions regarding your child, please ask the instructor discretely about your child's progressions.

  • Inspirit Gymnastics is striving to be the best it can be in Casa Grande.  We are always willing to receive honest and constructive feedback on all that we have to offer and what you would like us to offer in the future.  Your time, effort, and dedication is greatly appreciated.

  • Makeup Classes:  If you miss a class, you can make it up on Saturday at Open Gym between the hours of 9:00 am to 11:00 am.  There will not be any makeup during other class times.

  • Prorated Classes are only for new members joining mid-session.
Our class sizes are limited and no spots will be reserved without a completed Registration Form.
INSPIRIT GYMNASTICS, LLC***Promenade Mall between Kohl's & Pet Smart, Casa Grande, Az***520-510-5206***inspiritgymnastics@gmail.com